Spruce + SmartThings + Alexa


This SmartApp serves to integrate Spruce’s Status messages with Michael Strucks’s fantastic Ask Alexa extension for SmartThings.  Its operation is pretty simple, it basically:

  • Monitors the messages that Spruce Scheduler and Spruce Smart Zones cause to be displayed on one or more Spruce Device Type Handlers
  • Translates these info human-readable text so that Alexa can present them appropriately* sends them to one or more Ask Alexa Messaging Queues
  • Where they can be retrieved today with “Alexa, ask SmartThings to play my Home Status Messages”
  • and soon via “Alexa, what did I miss today?”

The only real configuration, besides selecting the target Message Queue(s) is to define which messages are overwritten – you can have Ask Alexa maintain the entire event history for every Schedule (or Controller), or you can limit the history to only the latest report (with many options in between).

App code location:

Special Thanks to:
Michael Struck (@StrykerSKS on the SmartThings community)
Barry Burke (!storageanarchy).
Their contributions are entirely Open Source.

*This version is dependent upon the Message Queues functionality available in Ask Alexa 2.2.6 and later (see http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Ask_Alexa for instructions for installing and using Ask Alexa).

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