Spruce Gen1 Controller End of Life

Effective December 31, 2022 the Gen1 Spruce Controller will no longer be supported and has reached end of life. Why will it no longer be supported? The Gen1 Spruce controller is a legacy device that was replaced by the Spruce Gen2 Wifi controller in 2017. The Gen1 Controller was designed […]

SmartThings 2020: Spruce Controller (Gen1)

The device handler for the Gen1 controller has been updated to work with the SmartThings 2020 app and is no longer supported for the SmartThings Classic app. The Spruce Scheduler is no longer available through the new app since the methods of releasing a SmartApp have changed. Instead, the new […]

New Samsung SmartThings Custom App Updates

Spruce Controller has been published to “brands” in the new SmartThings app, this page is only for custom code applications. See SmartThings 2020 Spruce Controller Gen1 for details and instructions about the SmartThings published device which requires no custom code and can be added from the app. These Device Handlers […]

Spruce Schedule Setup

Spruce Scheduler Location The Spruce Schedule is setup from the SmartThings Automations menu. To find the Spruce Scheduler in the SmartThings Classic App go to: Go to Automation icon in the bottom menu of the app SmartApps in the upper right + Add a SmartApp at the bottom of the […]

Modify Watering Duration

Set a Specific Watering Duration By default, the watering duration for each zone is calculated based on the Sprinkler, Landscape and Soil types selected.  This value can be modified by setting a “Minimum water time per week” and also by modifying the “Guideline value.” In the recording below, zone 1 […]

SmartThings Spruce Schedule Cannot be opened (BUG FIXED)

March 2019 This error has been corrected and should no longer occur I can’t open or edit my Spruce schedule in SmartThings Sometimes the Spruce schedule in SmartThings becomes corrupt and the scheduler can no longer be opened or edited.  The schedule will often continue to operate, but cannot be […]

Spruce + SmartThings + Alexa

This SmartApp serves to integrate Spruce’s Status messages with Michael Strucks’s fantastic Ask Alexa extension for SmartThings.  Its operation is pretty simple, it basically: Monitors the messages that Spruce Scheduler and Spruce Smart Zones cause to be displayed on one or more Spruce Device Type Handlers Translates these info human-readable […]

SmartApp Schedule Not Starting

Check the following points if your schedule is not starting, or your Controller is stuck in WAIT mode: Make sure your location is set in the SmartThings app: On the main page of the SmartThings app, go to the settings menu in the upper left corner designated by 3 bars […]

Custom Code with SmartThings

One of the coolest aspects of the SmartThings platform is the ability to write your own custom code.  With so many different devices available, you can write “SmartApps” that interact in ways no has though of or that meet some special purpose just for you. In the Spruce Scheduler you […]