SmartThings 2020: Spruce Controller (Gen1)


The device handler for the Gen1 controller has been updated to work with the SmartThings 2020 app and is no longer supported for the SmartThings Classic app.

The Spruce Scheduler is no longer available through the new app since the methods of releasing a SmartApp have changed. Instead, the new device has more capability and now works with the built in automation options available through the app.

  • Spruce Controller (Gen1) device updated to work with new SmartThings app
  • SmartThings Classic app no longer supported
  • Spruce Scheduler no longer supported and is not available in the new app
  • Scheduling is done through standard SmartThings Automation setup

Connect the Gen1 Spruce Controller

  1. Before Starting this process, make sure the Spruce Controller logo is flashing RED indicating it is disconnected
  2. In the SmartThings app go to add + and select Device to add a new device
  3. Search for the brand Spruce Irrigation or Select Scan Nearby
  4. Press the dots above the Spruce logo so the logo changes to TEAL color
  5. Press the “9” to start the connection process, the logo will flash BLUE and RED
  6. The App will identify Spruce Irrigation Controller, and the logo will change to solid BLUE

Device Setup

After connecting the device, the Spruce Irrigation Controller device will be created. The remaining setup is in the device settings.

  1. Open Spruce Irrigation Controller device in the SmartThings app
  2. In the top right corner, tap the 3 dots and select settings
  3. Setup the settings to match your specific sprinkler setup

The following is the list of options in settings

Rain Sensor Attached?

Enable if you have a rain sensor wired to the controller rain sensor terminal.

  • When the rain sensor is active and wet, the schedule will not run

Touch button duration

Enter a number of minutes, and this will be the default time a zone will run when turned on with the touch buttons on the Spruce Controller.

Pump or Master zone

If your sprinkler setup has a master or pump attached, use this setting to select the correct zone.

  • The selected zone will automatically turn on anytime another zone is switched on.
  • This zone cannot be turned on or off manually since it it set to operate in-sync with other valves
  • The Scheduled minutes will have no effect for the selected zone

Cycle scheduled water time to reduce runoff?

This setting will split the set times in half when a schedule is started.

  • If the Schedule minutes is set to 10, the system will water for 5 minutes, then water another zone, and return to water the remaining 5 minutes.

Delay between valves when a schedule runs?

This setting adds a delay between zones turning on and off when a schedule runs.

  • This setting is in seconds

Schedule Times

These times will be the default schedule when the controller is switched to ON. The controller will use these times to run the schedule.

  • Set each zone in minutes

Spruce Controller App Controls

The Spruce Controller main device is used to setup the device and start or stop a schedule.

  • When turned on it will start a schedule using the times set in the settings.
  • The schedule will complete automatically, or can be turned off.
  • The Controller State also has pause and resume options
  • The pause option will stop the schedule until resume is selected
  • The status will give updates on the controller status
  • The Rain Sensor will indicate if the sensor is disabled, wet or dry

Spruce Valve App Controls

Each zone can be turned on or off each zone independently.

  • Turn on or off a zone at any time.
  • The slider will set how long the zone will stay on before automatically turning off.

Setting a Schedule

After going through settings to setup times and other options, the schedule will be set to turn on using the SmartThings Automation options.

  1. Follow the device setup previously mentioned in this article to enable zones and set times for each zone.
  2. In the SmartThings app go to add + and select Automation.
  3. For the if :
    1. Select a time. You may select sunrise (or sunset) and the schedule will shift with the sunrise for your location.
    2. Select the days.
    3. Option: Select weather and clear so the system will not water if it is rainy
    4. Option: Select temperature and set a low temperature
  4. For the then:
    1. Select Spruce Controller and on
  5. The schedule will now run at the set time on the days selected when it is clear out.

Spruce Sensor Automation

The schedule or each zone can also be triggered to water based on a Spruce soil moisture sensor.

  1. For the if :
    1. Select a sensor. Select humidity, Equal or below and set a moisture value
    2. Options: Select times, days or other variables to limit when the event will trigger.
  2. For the then:
    1. Select Spruce Controller
    2. Select Valve Duration and set a time
    3. Select the Zone to Open
    4. The zone will water for the time set by the slider in the device
      • The slider time will be available as an automation setting in the future (when SmartThings releases 3rd party automation)


  • What happened to the Spruce Scheduler?
    • SmartThings is moving to a different model for 3rd party SmartApps. However, SmartApps can still be loaded through the IDE. More information at SmartThings 2020 Custom code
  • Why are some options, including pause, resume and the rain sensor not available in Automations? March 2021, These options are now available in automations.
    • SmartThings engineers are still completing the custom capabilities development. When they release this capability, we will add it in.
  • How can I turn on my sprinklers with a motion detector?
    • Follow the instruction for Spruce Sensor Automation and substitute a motion sensor in place of the Spruce Sensor.
  • If I lose internet or hub disconnects while my sprinklers are running, will they turn off?
    • Yes! The controller only turns on when it also has a turn off time already saved. It is not waiting for the off command.

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