New Samsung SmartThings App Updates


This is a preliminary release!

  • Latest v2.7
    • Zone devices refresh and operate correctly
    • Pump/Master option added in “settings” so the zone will turn on/off anytime another zone is switched on/off
    • “Dimmer” control added to Zones and is used to set the time before the zone will automatically turn off. Thsi does not effect schedules, and will be re-named at a later date so it is no longer a “Dimmer”
  • v2.6
    • restores core functionality
    • Devices UI appearance is simplified

These Device Handlers and Schedule will work with the new Samsung SmartThings App

The migration to the newest Samsung app has caused the Gen1 Spruce Controller device tile to break.
The Spruce Scheduler is also no longer visible for new installs in the app.

Importing this code into the SmartThings IDE will bring back functionality as listed below:

  • Spruce Controller device will indicate when a schedule is on, or can trigger a schedule on or off manually. Similar to Start/Stop button from Classic app.
  • Each zone will be populated as a separate device. This is different that the Classic app- now each zone can also be used in automation’s.
  • Individual zones can be turned on and off
  • Schedules can be setup and will run automatically or can be started manually

Known issues:

  • Toggling a zone on or off does not refresh correctly, and shows “spinning/thinking” icon, however the zone does activate and toggling into the zone tile or out for the zone tile will “refresh” the state
  • Schedule status and alerts are not visible. Enabling the notifications in the Scheduler will send the status as a push notification and then will also be displayed in the “messages” section of the app

Import the Device Handlers and SmartApp into your account

Follow the detailed instructions from the following link to import the Device Handlers and Smartapp into your SmartThings account. The instructions and video are from, Spruce is in no way affiliated with and the instructions are for instructional use. Use PlaidSystems repo as shown here Device Update from Repo Instruction in place of Konnected.

You will add the GitHub Repository:

  • Owner: PlaidSystems
  • Name: Spruce_Gen1-SmartThings
  • Branch: Master

Once complete, Update from Repo

Updating Device and SmartApp code

Some updates will require removing and re-pairing the device for the changes to take effect.

The steps outlined in the links above use Github to “pull” the code into your account. Your SmartThings account will keep track of changes in the code, but will need to be told to “update”. This is done by repeating the Update from Repo button in the Device Handler and SmartApps pages of the SmartThings IDE at

You may Update from Repo anytime to get the latest code.

Initial Setup

  1. The device handler code Spruce Controller SST, Spruce zone must be copied/imported into your IDE account and published following the instructions above.
  2. The smartapp code Spruce Scheduler SST must be copied/imported into your IDE account and published following the instructions above.
  3. Remove the Spruce Controller from the app using the remove device steps in the app:
    1. In the Spruce Device tile, go to Edit and Delete Device
    2. The Spruce Controller will be removed and will be disconnected
  4. Add a new device with Add Device -> Scan nearby and then start the search on the Spruce controller
  5. The app will find Spruce Controller
  6. In the new Spruce Controller device, go to the preferences, select all Zones that you would like to use
  7. Each zone will populate a new device in the app
  8. If you have an existing Spruce Schedule installed from the Classic app, you may continue to use it. See section below for Schedule Setup

Additional connect directions are at Connect or Disconnect Spruce Controller to SmartThings

Schedule Setup

You may continue to use your schedule carried over from the Classic app. Or you may install a new schedule.

To use your existing schedule:

  1. Open the schedule from the SmartApps menu in the new app
  2. Go to Schedule settings
  3. Set Spruce Irrigation Controller to the new Spruce Controller device. Do not select a zone device, the schedule will not run
  4. Press Next and Done to save.

To ceate a new schedule:

  1. Go to SmartApps->+ menu in the new app
  2. Scroll down until you find Spruce Scheduler SST
  3. Proceed to setup the same as the Classic app version.

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