Spruce Gen1 Controller End of Life


Effective December 31, 2022 the Gen1 Spruce Controller will no longer be supported and has reached end of life.

Why will it no longer be supported?

The Gen1 Spruce controller is a legacy device that was replaced by the Spruce Gen2 Wifi controller in 2017. The Gen1 Controller was designed for the SmartThings platform and to utilize Smartapps for scheduling and watering.

SmartThings will no longer support the Groovy device handlers or Smartapps as referenced here: The end of groovy has arrived

SmartThings has notified us that the device will no longer function on Saturday December 31, 2022.  On September 30, 2022 SmartThings will start terminating the use of legacy technology and transition to new technology they call SmartThings Edge, Schema, and more. They have additional details in the FAQ.

SmartThings Platform Transition FAQ

Next Steps

Spruce previously offered an incentivised upgrade to the newer Gen2 wifi controller beginning with the release of the new model.  This is no longer available as we are unable to secure stock due to continued global supply issues.

The recommendation is to find an alternative sprinkler system before December 31, 2022.  Since the release of the Gen1 controller, many cost effective and capable solutions have become available in the market.  Some models can connect with SmartThings and then utilize the Spruce Sensors through automations to further automate watering.

Spruce Sensors (Gen1,2,3) are standard Zigbee devices and are not affected by the SmartThings changes.

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