Change sensor polling time / measurement interval

The Sensor Summary screen in the SmartThings App
The Sensor Summary screen in the SmartThings App

These instructions apply to v2 and above of the sensor device type.  If your sensor summary screen still has the Configure button to the right of the battery square, you are still on the old device type. Update your code per these instructions first.

In the Sensor page, tap the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, then “Edit Device”.  The Measurement Interval setting changes how frequently the sensor will take a measurement.  Enter a value of your choice for this setting, in minutes.  After changing the value to the new interval, press done at the top.

The polling interval change will take effect at the next, existing scheduled reporting interval.  This is because Spruce Sensors are sleeping devices and are not always awake to accept transmission. For example, if you are changing the polling interval from 10 minutes to 1 minute, the change will apply at the next 10 minute interval.

In the Recently tab, you will see a settings acknowledgement message, and a settings committed message, once the changes have been transmitted.  NOTE: you may need to back out of the Spruce Sensor Summary screen completely in order for the Recently tab to update.

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