[2016 Model] Sensor not connecting to the SmartThings network

The Spruce Sensor will typically connect to SmartThings in less than 15 seconds.  If you are having issues connecting the sensor, check the following items.

  1. SmartThings may have detected the sensor as a generic or unknown “Thing”.  If you back out of the “Connecting” or “Identifying” screen, you might notice a “Not Yet Configured” device at the top of the list in the Marketplace.  Or, in your “Things” list in My Home, you would have simply a generic “Thing” in your list. In this case, you’ll have to remove the sensor from the network (and remove the Thing from the app) first.
  2. It might be a range issue. Try joining the sensor while standing right next to your SmartThings Hub. The initial joining is more sensitive to range because, for wireless certification purposes, we have to search at low power until we know what power settings we can use – then the wireless signal is amplified when it determines that it can run at a higher power.
  3. Follow these instructions to re-attempt the join process. It may take a few attempts for the Spruce Sensor to join, depending on how many devices you have in your SmartThings network, wireless traffic load at the time of join, and the status of the SmartThings network.
    • If you have a v1 SmartThings Hub, when attempting to join, try the following:
      1. Make sure sensor (or “Thing”) is completely removed from the SmartThings Network:
        • Remove device or “Thing” from ST (if it is still in your SmartThings network)
        • Hold button down on sensor until blue LED lights up to remove device
      2. Start Search for Things in SmartThings App
      3. Press sensor button 1x
      4. Wait ~10sec, Press Button 1x
      5. Wait ~10sec, Press Button 1x
      6. Wait ~10sec, Press Button 1x
      7. Around 30sec, you should see the Spruce Sensor finally show up
      8. Wait ~10sec, Press Button 1x

      Once the sensor joins, In the recently tab, check that both the “Configuration Initialized” and “Configuration Successful” messages show up.  If both configuration messages are present, even if the device shows all dashes, it should be working and will report eventually.  Once the device gets the configuration finished, the timing is no longer an issue and will continue as a normal connected device. Basically, this procedure keeps the device awake during the join process, which gives ST time to retrieve the configuration file.  The configuration seems to be taking much longer than it used to, and the sensors are going to sleep before ST finishes configuration.

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