Modify Watering Duration


Set a Specific Watering Duration

By default, the watering duration for each zone is calculated based on the Sprinkler, Landscape and Soil types selected.  This value can be modified by setting a “Minimum water time per week” and also by modifying the “Guideline value.”

In the recording below, zone 1 will water on 3 days (M,W,Th) for 20 minutes on each day.  So the weekly water will be 60 minutes.  In the recording, the “Minimum water time per week” is changed to 20 minutes and the “Guideline value” is changed to 10 minutes.

The result is 10 minutes on 2 days (M,Th) for a total water time of 20 minutes.  In Summary:

  • “Minimum water time per week” sets the total water time per week, in this case 20 minutes
  • “Guideline value” sets the approximate time per day, in this case 10 minutes
  • Using these values 20 minutes per week is divided by 10 minutes per day

Water Duration Video


Additional Details and Tips

  • If Seasonal Adjustment is enabled, the zone summary time will display the adjusted time, and may not be the exact value you have entered.  But, it will base the calculations on the value you set.
  • The “Guideline Value” divides the total water time up between the days that are available.  If you have only selected 1 or 2 days, the water time will be adjusted to fit within the available days.

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