SmartThings Spruce Schedule Cannot be opened (BUG FIXED)


March 2019 This error has been corrected and should no longer occur

I can’t open or edit my Spruce schedule in SmartThings

Sometimes the Spruce schedule in SmartThings becomes corrupt and the scheduler can no longer be opened or edited.  The schedule will often continue to operate, but cannot be edited to make changes.

How to remove it

Their are 2 ways to remove the broken schedule from SmartThings.  SmartThings support can remove it for you or you can manually remove it from within the browser web IDE.

  1. Go to SmartThings support, then call or email with a request for the smartapp to be removed.  Include the schedule name shown in the app under “Automation->SmartApps”
  2. Remove the smartapp your self by logging into the SmartThings IDE
    1. Login with your SmartThings user name and password at
    2. Proceed to log in
    3. Go to “My Locations” located in the upper left of the screen
    4. On the right side of the screen, under “Installed SmartApps”, select “smartapps”
    5. Select “Edit” just below the banner photo
    6. Look for the offending SmartApp Scheduler and select “uninstall
    7. You are finished and may logout and exit the web IDE

How to avoid the error in the future

The error occurs when the “Valve delays & Pause controls” section is opened and then the “Back” button is pressed instead of the “Done” button to exit the page.  The “Done” button must be pressed the first time the page is opened.

The error occurs in the “Valve delays & Pause controls” section.  Pressing “Done” the first time the app is opened and setup will eliminate the error.  Below you will find our recommendation to avoid the error.

  1. Immediately after starting a new installation of the Spruce Scheduler, go to the “Valve delays & Pause controls” section.
  2. None of the entry fields need to be changed.
  3. Press “Done” in the upper right to exit the screen.  Do NOT use the “Back” button.
  4. You may now setup the rest of the schedule normally.
  5. The schedule should now be ok for all future editing and changes.
  6. If a new Spruce Schedule is added or setup, repeat the above steps.

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