SmartApp Settings: Weather Settings

In the Weather Settings, you can:

  • Select your Zip Code or Weather Stations
    • Enter a zip code or enter a Weather Underground station ID.  The SmartApp will automatically assign a zip code based on your location.
    • If you would like to use a personal weather station or specify the the weather station that is closest to your home, tap Search
      • You will be taken to the Weather Underground website.
      • Tap Change Station
      • A map will appear with weather station pins. Tap on the pin of your choice and you will be taken back to the original page with the weather report for the pin you just selected.
      • Select Change Station again
      • Scroll down – just below the map, Weather Underground reports the current station and the station ID.  Write down or copy this station ID so that you can paste it into the SmartApp.
      • Tap the Back button on your device to return to the Water and Moisture Settings
    • Paste the station ID that you just found.
    • NOTE: Not all Weather Underground stations report rainfall or precipitation.  If that’s the case, Spruce’s rain delay functionality will not work.  We don’t know of a way to determine this ahead of time – you will have to dig through the history or wait for rainfall and check the weather station to see if it recorded precipitation. (Let us know if you find a better way!)
  • Configure Inches of rain that will trigger rain delay
    • The default is 0.2 inches. You can increase or decrease this value to your preference.
  • Enable Seasonal Adjustment
    • This option toggles adjustments to watering times based on the local weather set by your weather station or zip code.

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